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The History of Fabba

In 1996, Anthea was approached to play Frida in an Abba tribute show. Due to her musical theatre background, Anthea was frustrated by the fact it was more of an Abba band rather than show. The other girl (cast as Agnetha) felt the same way, and so when Anthea suggested they do it as just the two girls from Abba, the FABBA story began.

While there were other Abba tribute shows in Australia, at the time no one was doing just the two girls. FABBA (as a duo) went on to work extensively at Clubs, Corporate events, private functions and various cruise ships. In 1999 the two girls decided it was time for a break & an opportunity to look at other career options. But there were so many requests for FABBA to reform, that Anthea felt compelled to resurrect the show – this time as a full band.

The audition process began to find musicians who could sing and perform. Eventually the band was cast and the rehearsal process started. In 2000, FABBA – the show was formed. The FABBA show is truly like a family now. The energy, fun and enthusiasm you witness on stage are genuine.

All the band members of FABBA were childless when they started in 2000, but as of 2019 there are 13 FABBA children between them. The future FABBA perhaps? The members of FABBA love what they do and are passionate about putting on the best show they can wherever they are and whoever the audience is. FABBA would like to thank Abba for the opportunity to play great music, wear outrageous costumes & pretend to be Swedish gods most weekends…… There is seriously so many harder ways to make a living!